About Deborah Hart


I am a writer, artist, children & teen’s librarian, and parent. I have a passion for writing, art, and photography – and I love story.

I believe we can transform our work, and our lives, by changing the way we see, the stories we tell ourselves, and the way we relate to the world.

My perspective started changing through photography. I love the stories that are shared in a photo, and my own abilities to express visual stories grew when my daughter was born and I started taking photos of her.

From there, the inner story I told myself (the things I believed about myself) gradually shifted. My creativity had an outlet that showed immediate results. Either a photo worked or it didn’t. Either it expressed what I wanted – and sometimes beyond what I had envisioned – or it fell short. It was an exciting way to receive feedback, and to grow in confidence.

I began sharing those photos with others. Social media is so excellent for that. It becomes fun to create an overall theme, and to decide what and how you are going to share. To experiment. To learn from others. To continually expand your vision.

I found my confidence through photography. This began to be reflected in my writing, and other areas of my life.

I want you to strengthen your own creativity and self-expression, by finding ways to share your stories – whether they are told in your art, movement, song, or the way you raise your family, do your job, or your unique way of interacting with the world. On these pages, through photography, visual storytelling, creativity, connection, love, kindness, compassion, and all those yummy things, we can all begin to alter the world and how we see it and live in it.

I live in the sunny Bay of Plenty, in New Zealand, in a little cottage with my daughter, a boxer, a chihuahua, a cat, and a guinea pig called Wolfie. I love gardening, edible landscaping, and leaping around enthusiastically over some new idea I’ve discovered.

About Love Art Cafe

Love Art Cafe HQs The name, Love Art Cafe, came about from my daughter’s love of playing cafes as a little one. She would write that night’s meal on a handmade menu, set a little round table with cloth, crockery, and cutlery, and be the maître d’ for the evening. With a cloth over one arm, and sometimes a candle burning in the middle of the table, she would bustle between the kitchen and lounge with that night’s meal as if it were the most exquisite delicacy in the world. Love Art Cafe was born! A place for connection, expression, and nourishment. I want to create that space for us here.

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